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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore playable race rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-23
by 30 people.
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Description I'm finally pretty happy with this. It's a nice easy map compared to my last one, and it's somewhat symmetrical. I think this didn't do my tileset justice, so I'm gonna be posting a few more with similar tiles. Pretty soon I'll post the tileset for you guys to have fun with, too.
Yeah, please rate and post your fastest!

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fun map

the map was fun. good job.
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slow completion demo. great map, man. So fun, and just really cool. Good job.
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That was a fun map. A short map, a speed map, a fun map. Unfortunately, just a little bit too easy. :/
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Faster (up to the drones)
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But blobglob

If I changed the position, people would complain about the drones being too quick. Your time was really fast, so I had to accomodate the really fast people and the not so fast people. Maybe I could have moved the drones a bit, but as is they work perfectly for me.

And just for fun.

Here's the fastest I've got round it so far (up to the drones).
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Good map, but I don't really like the drones at the bottom. I'm actually having to slow myself down a bit to avoid hitting them. Here's my fastest completion demo.
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@ TwokewlT

That exact same thing happened to me while I wasn't recording a demo. I'm glad it happened to someone else. :P

Great Level!

My demo isn't very fast at all, but I like the mine explosions in the bottom right corner, so I decided to submit it.
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Holy biznatch

Second top rated map in a row!?
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Being a n00b at this game I loved the lev but found it was to difficult for me. I have no suggestions to improve it a keep making maps.
P.S. Thanks for reveiwing my map.

Awesome map

Go awn, have a 5.


So go and beat 693.
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