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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-23
by 56 people.
Map Data

Description Another jumper puzzle from me, and I seem to have made it insanely hard again. Oh well, I changed it a little so that at least you don't die all the time now.
There are a couple doors around the place to give you second chances, but if you use them the extra gold at the end is locked off.
Think about your jumps, try and work out what each puzzle needs, and good luck. You'll need it!

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One of the best maps ever published!

The possible sequel to Precarious?

holy tits

nice demos chilicheese

faster AGD

there we go.
Demo Data

faster AGD

pretty good run. I like this map.
Demo Data

U R The Best

The best mapmaker EVER. 5/5

much faster AGD

I'd love to see someone beat this time.
Demo Data


Many ninjas died to bring you this demo. Honor them. I did not cheat in any way. I think this is the path that Lucidium had envisioned for this map.
Demo Data

yay, I beat it.

I'm going to work on an AGD where the last gold is grabbed at the end.
Demo Data
This one took me FOREVER!!! I didn't get all the gold, but I did it within the 90 second limit! No practice mode for me! :-D
Demo Data



Demo Data


you used fbf for part of it... god have mercy if you did it for all 6552 frames...

Nice level

This is hard, insane, and VERY creative, 5/5

here is the farthest i got ;_;
Demo Data


that was an amazing demo, however i nearly fell asleep watching your all gold demo. Still awesome and awesome map Lucidium


Its really annoyin coz once you fall down you cant get back up.
This puzzle is the best puzzple and hardest i have seen in my life.
I'd give it a 6/5 for a puzzle!


im sorry ive over seen this before. i love this map. one of the best puzzle maps ever. you rule!


If you've completed it, why not post a demo?


There's no way you could beat this the first time. Quit trying to impress people by lying, it's really pathetic.


Its not as great or hard as you claim.

For me to beat a level first time is saying something.

Nice looking map, and average Idea.
so I gave you 3/5

Ah, yeah.

I'd forgotten about that. I won't edit the map now though, don't want to void your demo.
I'm still working on an all-gold too.


All gold.

It probably counts as I cheated though. Was the fact you could get the gold earlier an oversight, Lucidium?
Demo Data


I've started to work on it too. I think I might view it more positively than LV, although it is quite frustrating.
Demo Data
...but I'm not a fan of this map. I mean, it's clearly well-made. It looks nice, the tiles are set perfectly for the jumps you have to do. But it's still frustrating and too long for the difficulty.

Holy crap

I beat it. Yup, you heard me right, I beat the FUCKING MAP!!! And I beat the hell out of it too. Unfortunately, I fell once or twice, so not all gold, but WHO CARES!?
Demo Data


Grr... I'm so frustrated. I got so close.
Demo Data


I got farther.
Demo Data


this makes me sick. This is the farthest I've gotten in one demo. :(
Demo Data
And it most certainly applies to this map.

You're insane if you thought you'd be getting demos of this one . . .

Now really...

Just attempting this brought me close to tears.


That is all.