Mount Doom

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Author maximo
Tags author:maximo bitesized featured playable rated uncategorized v1.3b
Created 2004-07-30
by 153 people.
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Description Very very hard. I've been trying for a while to beat it, but have failed. I know its possible because I can get the the end and I just screwed up getting to the exit. So if any one can post a demo, please please do. I really want to see this one beat. Oh, watch out for falling stalagtites! Good luck, you'll need it

This map was featured on 2011-08-22

"Well, Master Frodo, here we are," Sam sighed. "Orodruin."
"I don't like it here, Sam," Frodo replied listlessly. "It is a foul, unfriendly place."
At that moment, the two heard a shrill, ugly cry from within. They felt suddenly fearful, and were compelled to hide beneath rocks.
"What was that, Master Frodo?" Sam muttered, breathing hard.
"One of the inhabitants," he replied. "They are a foolish, arrogant bunch, who shriek their misguided opinions and complaints to uncaring administrative ears. All would be better off had they never lived."
"Nazgul?" Sam asked.
"Nope." — flagmyidol

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For the record, this is my favorite review of all time. I think I'm retiring.

oh no you didn't -.-

Again, thank you flag.



You're always trying to flirt with me. It's cute.

Great review

or greatest review?
Map must then be of ludicrous standards.
But he spelt stalactites wrong...
I love how it makes me hate it.


what's next
such a such a bastard



And crazy reviews WHEEEEEWWW

...before my computer got a virus and i had to get a new one

Chances are

This is the last map most people play to finish N (this or thwump you very much, for most cases).


then death, when i last played it in the game i remember thinking it was impossible to get AGD, i proved myself wrong in one shot...
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Episode 89 level 4! I remember desperately trying to complete this level... I kept screwing up at the end too. 4.5

I give it a 2

Because really this is a poor map, it doesn't have anything going for it, i bet if this weren't in the game people would rate lower.


The fun about this map is being sneaky.
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I'll get a completion somehow.
Demo Data

I haven't

completed the game either :-)

Just doing this level, completed all other columns apart from column 5.

Damn that 'ringer' it always gets me :'(


Dark_Zero obviously hasn't beaten the game.


see nevermore's comment


I do believe this is the last lvl in 8-9...
fun stuff, chaingun is sneaky, but i am more sneaky.


Dark_Zero, it wasn't in the userlevels because it was in the... actual game.


its 5/5 cause it has to be good if its the final lvl in a chapter, nice job making a great level

I found it easy.

Maybe it's just me.

deffinately a 5

whats so hard about this i got it 3rd try and i got all-gold 4th try

why wasnt this map on 1.4 in the userlevels??


2 hard 4 me...


is one cool mount 5/5

not that hard

it only took me 20 mins to beat, and how the hell do u watch/ record demos


100 votes now aswell

God damn

that last demo is amazing

all but one gold...

the most difficult and challenging level in the game. spent an hour trying the beat the level for the first time, enjoying every single minute. this map has given me the most pleasure playing N ever.
enjoy the demo. 5/5 + faved
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that demo is disgusting