This is a simple Test

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Author Daddaluma
Tags author:daddaluma test unrated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-24
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Description Super easy and short. Get the fastest demo you can.

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True demo

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even though the competion went belly up, heres the fastest demo he he
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. . .

Make that "should" have realized . . .
I never saw it discussed, and it only just occured to me.

I shouldn't have realized it's too obvious to have not been discovered already.

Oh well.

Oh well

Daddaluma, I could have done that easily. I thought you meant without cheating. That's unfair and misleading. Also because jeffkillian does that with all of his demos, so I was especially annoyed.

Uh huh

Most senior members know that trick, but when you actually finish the demo and go back to the main screen in debug mode, it shows your actual frame rate. Everyone uses it...
This easy competition was made simply to show how easy it is to stop recording your demo early to drastically reduce your frame count.

I was hoping no one would figure it out so I could come bust out a score way lower than everyone and make some heads turn.

But anyway.

Here's my lowest frame count winning demo. I didn't try very hard, so it should be beatable.
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This is faster
Demo Data


and here's a faster REAL demo.
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you are a cheater. You just stopped recording your demo earlier, so that it seems as if you did it in 166 frames If you play the demo and look in the demo box at the end it'll show 224 frames. And in the second one it shows 230 frames. See my demo for a good demonstration of this cheating. Daddaluma, please don't count his demo.
Demo Data

Holy palooza

somethings not right here
im not better than nevermore. you probably just went light the first time
Demo Data


just barely though
Demo Data


Here's the first to beat:
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