Crash Landing

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Author nevermore
Tags action author:nevermore bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-26
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description I think this is my first map that uses chaingun drones. At least it's the first that uses them effectively. This has one of every enemy, and it takes lots of slick timing. I'll post a demo soon, but I'll let you guys figure out the squeezes for yourself. Those zapper drones took me fricking ages to place.
About the ending. I was playing with teleporters and made that. You can finish a whole bunch of times, if you do it right. Those of you who go for a speed demo, just stop recording when you touch the exit. Otherwise it'll keep recording and it'll be longer.
Oh, and jeffkilian, don't even think about cheating here!

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You skipped

the first two squeezes. Duh... :D


How did I cheat?


the demo is actually faster. I cheated death once at the end, so... well... it's a couple frames less.
Shame on you, trib4l, for cheating. >:(


Chimneysweep, too late for me to edit it. It's much harder if you cheat, in fact. I created it to work perfectly if you do it right.

This is my fastest demo.
Demo Data


Cool map. 4.5/5 and following with my tradition of rounding *up*.... ;)
Demo Data
check this demo. Not complete, though.
Demo Data


Done, and faster. Very nice map, nevermore!
Demo Data


Furthest I've gotten.
Demo Data


I am not good enough to make a clean demo, but finally it's done!
Demo Data


i love this level.which is strange because i suck at it


hah you mentioned me
i feel so special
i think you mean cheating as in stoping it before i hit the end door. i really wasn't aware it was cheating. my bad man. i just wont do it anymore.