Oneway Floor Hell

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Author LHTho0016
Tags author:lhtho0016 autogenerated playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-11-07
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Map Data

Description simple and easy level using oneway floors as the kind of tunnel maze

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scare me like that! I don't like one-way platforms! They scare me, like cheese on crackers.


and a agd demo must be near impossible! dont put soo much gold. although im rich MWAHAHAHAH I thik its making me crazy, crazzzy like a COCONUT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA AND HA


Put gold strategically.
also, you should know that one way doors are cheatable. you can go through them the other way in certain instances. In a situation like this, trapdoors or normal doors would be better as they would be uncheatable

too much lag

never fill the whole space with gold!!!