Assault on trapezoid fortress

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Author Barabajagal
Tags action author:barabajagal baraba barabajagal bitesized featured playable rated vehemence
Created 2006-11-13
Last Modified 2010-09-19
by 14 people.
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Description from Vehemence.

This map was featured on 2012-05-25

Few hours before it starts a new edition of Vehemence this map deserves recognition.
Who said Vehemence maps had to be simple because the experience of creating 25 each day for four days?
Baraba shows no.
Simple look, this map offers endless possibilities. Each element works perfectly, and how a good map, easy to navigate, challenging for highscore.
Good luck to all who are going to participate in this new edition, and I encourage any more to do so.
This map should motivate you to make good Vehemence maps! — zoasBE

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Demo Data

Improved AGD

Thanks to van & kool for the route (apparently they had both though about the same route)
Demo Data
but the map is old-school fun
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Sub-1000 AGD

Thanks to DJ_M for the route.
Nice map :D
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I didn't like this map at all.
I really appreciate that.


I'll proofread your reviews and fix any mistakes if you PM them to me the day before.

This map

looks extremely sexy


i have a job

lol flag

that's really a much better idea ;)
But do not forget to select a date and make your Vehemence maps in the fourth edition.. :P

instead of playing this now i'm just going to play through my 648 baraba userlevels until i get to it


Not overly impressive but pretty decent. I think around 1000 frames or maybe a little more is quite possible.
Demo Data
After exploring the map and several attempts
Demo Data
I want to show my progress when playing this map, sample as how I have fun.
Demo Data
Dam you baraba.

so close to agd it makes me go arg!
Demo Data


Really cool. Straightforward, yet it has depth to it. This is fabulous.


I love this map. Tons. It actually felt very metanet-like. I thought the gold placement was pretty unique. Great map, man.