Bullet Proof

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Author asian_gangsta
Tags action author:asian_gangsta playable unrated
Created 2006-11-14
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Description *straps on bullet proof vest*

Dear Mr. Revamp and all your assorted accounts:

I don't know why you snipe me. I'm not even a top 20 NUMA author. Is it because I anti-snipe other peoples' maps? I don't know what you find so amusing about it. I don't know if I said and/or did something to offend you. But I do know you snipe me.
I never knew who you were until you commented "0" on one of my maps. I'm not sure if you are racist against Asians. But I am a Christian. I hope you're not an Atheist. And even though I haven't gone to Church for a long time, I still believe in loving my enemies and forgiving people. So I forgive you for sniping me. I hope you forgive me for whatever I may or may not have said to hurt or offend you.

Winjet Chou

*leaves bullet proof vest on*

--Please Read Before You Play--

this level is newbie friendly.
you have options in this map. you can be lazy and just run through the level without letting out the chaingun, or you can let out the chaingun and take the longer route to get all gold. the choice is up to you. no, you do not have to open the door to let the chaingun out. that's the whole point of this level. if you want a challenge, open the locked door. if you're new to this game and you're still getting used to the physics of the game, then don't open the door.

rate, comment, AGDs more than welcome, and N-joy!

resub. i just wish someone would actually play this.

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and I'm Asian too. :/
Get over this.


when did you stop? you apparently sniped this, not too long ago:

Forgiving isn't synonymous with interrogating. Leave him alone, and get the fuck over it.
so who are you sniping? just tell me, are you racist? against any race?


i'm not sniping your maps, i sniped a few but i stopped, whoever is downvoting you isnt me, soooo yeah

Oh yeah

i like this. all gold hard route.
heh, hard. <_<
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purty cool...


i have something to do right now
I'm not even sure it's possible to get all that gold. Could you post a demo? If you do, I'll rate a 4.5. Good stuff, other than that.


*runs off to play*