Traveling Networks

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Author asian_gangsta
Tags action author:asian_gangsta playable unrated
Created 2006-11-15
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description resub. first AGD gets a ded.

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It's not that Arachnid doesn't care, it's that Arachnid doesn't have time for putting it into a minor upgrade for NUMA.


it's been suggested on the forums. chances of it happening are very low. apparently Arachnid doesn't care. we should learn not to, too
that forces everyone to show what they've rated. At least for the author. Like "apg rated the level 4.5/5", as I did. And I think this level deserves it.


Sniper: for fucks sake, stop sniping, do something better with your time. Be creative by all means but not this. If me saying this turns you on (u sick bastard) go fuk a blowup doll. Even shit is higher than you. Also, you have my permission to snipe the hell out of my maps :D They can't get much lower anyway. Also, clever map A_G.

Oh yes, I rated 4.5 for the record. At least I have the balls to say what I rated.


I dont see why it has such a bad rating. I liked it.
Some good ideas.


i don't get why you don't anti-snipe. i mean, don't you think deserves at least a solid 4? if you anti-snipe, at least the rating will probably go up to a 3 which is more accurate that a 2.5
maybe i should stop anti-sniping everything...
fellow who always helps anti-snipe other people's maps.

was gona give 4

but gave 5 coz i anti-snipe

Better than 2,

that's for sure.


i dont antisnipe... but this is horrendous