Distorted Pentagon

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Author arraxeidon
Tags author:arraxeidon dda rated
Created 2006-11-15
Last Modified 2006-11-15
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description 3 Chainguns, 3 rocket turrets, 3 laser drones and 3 gauss turrets...

Edit: I'm sorry! Please press 1 before play!

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but it's too short.

4.5/5! Good job!

Those super bounceblocks look especially cool.

To Daniel_Nebauer

It's not your fault. It's mine. Forgot to say press 1.

It does work here

and it's a killing !
Great job! 5aved.


by the way, I won't rate u just in case it does work, and there is something wrong with my computer or something.
Still, it's weird...


Your DDA doesn't seem to work.
What's even more weird is that he dies in a different way each time.