N is sinking!

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Author arraxeidon
Tags author:arraxeidon dda rated
Created 2006-11-16
Last Modified 2006-11-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description As holes appear under N's ship, he has to get through the door before it sinks. He uses these "holes" and propel from the floor. The thumbnail is different (seriously). Just play it. Lasts 28 seconds. Enjoy!

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Lol lol lol.


WTF?! Why is it in top rated...


3 fives? .......

Pretty repetitive.

But what the heck. 4.5/5. Extra points for the originality.


As I saw the thumbnail i thought "well... that can't be long or fun"... WOWOWOOW.. This is just incredible.
Long, and very fun. Lots of close calls, and a very clever way of getting N move around, like he would do so himself !