Not so bad . .. perhaps?

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Author Daddaluma
Tags author:daddaluma playable puzzle unrated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-31
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Description Not really a puzzle, but more so than anything else . . . maybe.

Anyway, just a simple contest map. The object is obvious. Reach the highest exit possible. Sort of a reverse ski jump.

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Frame by frame

Demo Data
I just went back and tried it about 5 more times and managed to get the top one.

It's odd how once you see someone else do it it becomes easier to do it yourself . . .


That last demo was rad.

And the one before that was impressive. I must've tried at least a hundred times when I was testing various forms of this. I might have gotten that high once, if at all. Probably never though.
This time using frame-by-frame.
Demo Data

Got the top one.

Without using frame-by-frame.
Demo Data


Faster cheating!
Demo Data


I didn't even finish the map:D Hooray me!
Demo Data


here is an example of cheating.
Demo Data


no. 3.
First go- I can probably do better...
Demo Data