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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue rated test v1.3c
Created 2005-04-06
Last Modified 2006-02-21
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Description Revised: removed the excessive gold. still, takes a while, sorry about that.

had lots of fun with this one thinking up new challenges for each section of the spiral. please comment and leave demos.

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I said earlier

not first few ;)

you say

you liked your earlier levels better? i agree that there is a certain twinkle beneath the silt on many good mapmakers' earlier maps, but these just seem...uninspired, compared to your newer ones.

Does this level

have anything to do with the gyre, from a book called "weaveworld" by clive barker, the fantasy genre's favourite scouser?

a challenge,

but fun. after maybe fifteen more tries i will finish :). those gauss guns keep getting me. very good though

oh god!

that was hard for me, but i enjoyed it a lot. i like your designs a lot.
I just think it'd be better without on or two objects... still good though

too hard

this is to hard you shuld make it easyer the robots in the doors kill you to easy. this is a 3 for you


actually, i like the effect as you jump through the gates. also it means you have to angle it right or the door above you pushes you back down onto the mines. i'm sorry about the loading times, but if you didn't die so much, it wouldn't matter.. not saying you suck or anything ;p
Gameplay is most important, but loading times do matter. And as far as I'm concerned, those doors (in the bit after the bits where there are three mines and a bounce block in each clustery thing) are adding no aesthetic value whatsoever.

If those doors were thought about, they weren't thought about too well.


nothing here is pointless, it's either for aesthetics or functional. it's all thought about. please be patient and don't mark me down for the loading times, not that votes matter :)

This is pretty good

I love the beginning with the first rocket, i love your general use of the doors - but they are overused in some places where they add nothing except loading time, i'm afraid. There are lots of pointless objects in this that need removing.

Still, it's good.