My First Robot!

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized rated test
Created 2006-11-26
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description Here a fun experimental map to screw around in.

The switches on the right side forge horizontal walls, which will force the robot to alter its path. The switches on the left forge vertical walls to do the same thing. Once you've fooled around with hitting the switches, you should have a good idea how the map works.

Play around with stuff. Try to trap the robot. For a fun optional challenge, see if you can hit all the proper switches to get the robot to follow the path of mines. For an even tougher puzzle, hit all the switches that make the robot follow the path of gold.

Screw around!

Post some demos!!!!

Comments, please! ^_^

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(see demo)
Demo Data


i fuckedup one switch on my first try... oh well, almost the mines one anyways : )
Demo Data


he went the thru the mine path. no demo

pretty cool lvl! 5aved!


i made him go the gold way

no demo sry

That was easy.

Demo Data


i got the robot trapped and along the mine path but the gold on the right side is impossible (i think)...4.5/5


forgot demo
Demo Data
But I think you should consider adding an exit.

Here's a demo of me getting all the plausibly retrievable gold.
1.5/5 because it was pretty repetitive...but...since you made it, BT, I'll give it a 5.
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sorta long demo

but nonetheless, i trapped him in two respects.
Demo Data
(at least I think! As we know 69656 maps have already been invented...)
Very cool.
It reminds me of Sweep's map, where the goal is to guide a rocket with teleporters... :)
brilliant work.

Perfect level! 5/5.

The concept is extremely clever. I also have a (worse) drone trapper -level:
It's one of my first, a nostalgic trip to the time I was a stupid n00b.
to do a really random path!!

I love ur idea and ur style, so its 5/5 from me!


Demo Data

Very fun.

Mine path!
Although quite slow.
Demo Data

All but one gold

The best you can do in one pass, I believe.

Very innovative map, nice work.
Demo Data
but then my dog came over and somehow hit the deadly Tab+Q with his face.
... to stay
Demo Data

Bit quicker...

Demo Data
... to follow the gold
Demo Data


Fun to stuff around. follow the path of mines.
Demo Data