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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-07
Last Modified 2005-04-07
Map Data

Description this is really easy but so much fun. one fluid run. let's see some all gold/speed demos :)

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user level I think. Love it

One of my favs. 5

very cool

i remember playing this. i was such a noob.
The top was a really nice surprise that fit surprisingly well. Only thing that bugs me is the gold embedded in the tiles.


Very nostalgic. I remember goofing off in school playing the userlevels, back when the funny author names had no significance whatsoever. It's interesting returning to these old levels after having spent some time on NUMA, especially getting the chance to see comments from prominent figures in their early days, like "5/5/5/5" lord_day down there :)
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Even before i knew how to make levels and before i been to this website... Ooooo the memorys from years ago
Atob you are awesome, your 5th map and its my fav by far

How are you all so slow? Creamed DaggaFork.
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fastest AGD :P
On Nreality also
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How are you all so slow? Creamed Lucidium.
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"I understand how this can be top rated. But how does it inch up the top rated page?"

I concur, wtf is up with that?


that clears things up...
thanks psychosnail


This map used to have ratings enabled, but the author later requested ratings to be disabled. Ratings were disabled, but the ratings already there were kept.
miyoser: The map can climb up the top-rated list because other maps get rated down instead of this one being rated up.

wait a sec...

this map is disabled for ratings...
and is on the top rated

Silent_T is confused :\
o well.
great map anyway :D
But how does it inch up the top rated page?


this is cool

by the way, WHERE HAS FORMICA GONE??? did he just dissappear of the face of the earth suddenly? hee was an awesome map maker.


top rated is a joke anyway, leave this map alone ;)

if i ever get a map

with 5 5's i'm going to get all my rating frozen too
haha :D


that's a good question. my guess would be that atob asked sweep or maestro to disable all the ratings on his map, but they didn't delete the ones that were already there.

How is

this top rated if it's ratings disabled?


not as fast as lucidium.
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193.575 sec

Jus read your comment Lim. All gold.
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Awesome level

One of my favourite levels of all time


Oohh.. just beat you joe1284
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Simple, flows great, took me a while to get past the last two rockets but now it seems easy ;). Want a challenging action level? try my 'Fly!'
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Forgot to rate it. My mom was urging me to go off the internet.

Lost it.

I was supposed to put up a demo, but since you guys are so much better than me, I wouldn't bother. Besides, I lost it. But I LOVE this level.

189.375 sec

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probably not. it flows great. 5aved. user levels N v1.4


is one of my favourite maps and one of the first I played. 5aved.


FINALLY BEAT IT and guess what? all gold! rofl
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i love this




glad to see this

this is one of the first maps i played and i still love it


brilliant! dont care that i havent beaten it yet this is GREAT 5/5


all gold, non completion
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