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My demo.

First time I finally didn't die to a rocket at the end, screwed up pretty badly twice.
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sweet map, one of my favorites, 5/5


Good job dude, i love this, the first time i did it without getting the 2 things at the top i was surprised to get blocked, nice job and keep up the good work!

Very slow

Haven't seen you guys's demos.
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Very slow

Haven't seen you guys's demos.


thanks for all the awesome comments guys :)

lol to lucid; i suppose it does count, as it's been submitted this way ;p

efangor, nice demo, those rockets at the end are a pain.

and llama, that's a silly idea, please don't do it ;p i'm just glad we're cool and thank you for the rating :)

Oh yeah-

Nice map. 4/5


comments have been blocked from me on the other map :-P
Fair enough, really.

Yeah, sorry man, I was even halfway through creating another account to rate all your maps a 5.... didn't quite get there, though, on account of me realising I'd sworn, on the forums, I wouldn't make any more accounts. Anywho-

Good to see you're back up there.


the nice tiling runs well with huge jumps. 4/5 keep that up.


I'm not sure what you will think of this (i got killed near the end of the level) but it's pretty fast.
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Excellent Map

Good fun, challenging, and most importantly it flows very well. Tileset excellent as always. 5/5

I have to say

Some of your tilesets are great.

I'll play this later when i have more free time.

Great level.

Does this count for a speed run? ^_^
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