Optical Illusion #2

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon rated test
Created 2006-12-02
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description What is it? itsa wyvern (dragon with wings as arms)
If u see it, look at this picture again.

There are only black lines, no wyvern. all lines are disconected. but ur brain connects them and makes a complete picture of it. do u know what i mean? just try it.

hope ya have fun =3

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I see a wyvern

with a cute bellybutton. :D

lol remote

i can see why you say that, but when I look at this in full screen, I see either a dragon or a face... 4

of course...

principal ervery pic is an illusion. But some are so perfec, u wont notice it. but, its still funny to show the simplest example. But if u dont know the thing, nemetacyst sad, uve to learn it. and these pictures are the best way to show it. =P

Good job,

but I agree with legacy. Still, 4.5/5.

... Dragonmoon...

thats not an illusion. that is a type of art. still pretty cool though with the crisp lines. 4.5/5
cuz all pictures are, are lines that combined, represent combined, they dont have to connect, its the overal shape...

its still good, and i can appreciate how ppl think its an illusion...i just think its kinda an oxymoron

turn it upside down

it looks abit like a duck. 4.5/5