Gauss Battery

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Author theBAMNman
Tags action author:thebamnman playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-09
by 9 people.
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Description What could be better than a gauss cannon that can shoot you from across the map? Six of them! I tried to keep a good fun/frustration mix here. Some parts may be a bit more frustration (the mines), but other parts are more fun (the top left corner). You'll have to use good timing and nimble footwork to get all the gold.

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i will. nice and hard. thats all ive got to say cause im boring. 4/5
Come on, give this map a try! It's not horrible, I assure you. But, since no one has posted yet, I guess I'll hand out my all-gold demo to start off. It's not the most graceful, but it gets the job done. As always, don't look if you haven't tried it yet!
Also, please leave feedback! I'm not sure whether a map like this would be considered good or just repetition of a done-to-death theme. Demos are also welcome!
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