The Walrus and the Carpenters

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped bitesized difficult dronie-nom no-jump playable rated survival
Created 2006-12-03
Last Modified 2009-11-05
by 27 people.
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Description This is a no jump survival. That means you may NOT touch the jump button, just dont do it. I really want to see some long demos. Enjoy...

Nominated for Survival Map of the Year 2007.

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with jumps. it's still fun!

non-jumping, though, i really like this map. it really makes you think. cool. 4.5
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5aved. This is really fun


longest demo!!!
Demo Data
very nice open ended survival.
Demo Data
...the map and the demo.
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I cheated :)
Demo Data

Me and Carpenters!

Demo Data

Here we go.

Demo Data


I'll try again.
Demo Data

im still winning!

i now copyright my actions on this level, mwahahaha!!!

kidding, of course

here is a demo

1000 frames 4.5, are you going to submit this to the no jump contest. it would do good i think...
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First Try

I love the possibilities in this map.
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i think i may have given it a five...

oh well


4.5 and faved, the -.5 cuz i dislike the p doors...i undestand why, but i still dont like them

more like this

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i needed to do this in a more open area without a wall so close...then i could do a longer one for you
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To get things...

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