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Tattletale does it better... 4 for you, 5 for him.


I think someone came along and rated down my recent dda, but luckily the others like it.


I'm really sorry, it was just at the time you posted your comment it looked suspicious that the rating went down. You never know, it has happened before to really good levels.


I forgot to comment. Anyway, yeah, this is great. Inspired me to make my own. The rocket going through the tiles was surprising, as were the rest of the rocket close calls. A bit too linear, but then again it's hard to avoid that with rocket ddas.

Very congrats!

A solid 5 with 61 votes. Amazing! Congrats :)


It's a five again :) Good to see it so.

Um. .. .

Wasn't this NOT rated as a perfect 5 before?


This was an excellent DDA. Great idea beautifully executed.

Righto then-

everything taken back

im sorry

coldcut that was a bad joke


just kidding hehehe


FUCK YOU, go get a penis

HOLY firshimischit

that deserves a 700 million out of 5 mannnn


before i'm attacked for it *Atramentis*


atramantis, i think you should apologize to coldcut. you were a total arse, regardless of wether he rated it a zero or not. we're all entitled to oppinion.

awesome map btw formica, 5/5.


that was great.yep.amazing.5/5.Thats that.end of comment.bye bye.see ya later.


I WAS MAKING A JOKE, NOONE GETS SARCASM. now take back all the mean things you said about me i rated this a 5! i watch this whenever im down and it makes me happy, I LOVE THIS DDA!

Oh my god

I didn't do it 2 accounts!?! That was my cousin! I swear on my life. He was at my house and he wanted an account so I made him one. I didn't know he was going to go and pull a stunt like that!?! I explained all this in an e-mail to arachnid. I know this doesn't sound belivable but it is true. I can say, however that he would not have rated it low if I did not. Plus I admit that I did it for the wrong reasons and to compensate, I rated it 5 with my "nine" account. LET THERE BE NO MORE MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT THAT EPISODE.


You weren't banned because you rated a map a 0, it was because you did so on two accounts. Either way, I don't care your feelings on this, it doesn't deserve a 0, ever.


Haaa haa haaa haaa haaa! That is hilarious!
coldcut is soooo pathetic he has to make himself feel better by rating down a level of a game. We shouldn't point fingers, we should just laugh insanely and know someday he might grow some hair down there...


I Saw God.

whoa. Im still in shock. That was quite amazing.

To sendy:

Yup, it is me. And sorry about that! Just that the all- capitals name was really bugging me.


If he was joking, are you able to explain how the rating suddenly dropped after his comment was submited? ^_-


No, you are not.


Am I the only one who can see coldcut is joking?

To Formica:

I also feel I've been given a slew of unfair ratings across a few of my maps. I think it's just part and parcel of NUMA :(

We know we rock, that's the main thing ;)

Btw, you are TDL, right? God damn you people and your constant alias changing *shakes fist menacingly at the air*

\/ following on \/

and maybe some balls too.

This is bullshit

I was banned becuase I rated maximos Throwback 0 but that was because I hated gold-stalls and I was pissed at the time (no excuse) as a result, I was banned. Why is coldcut not banned? Coldcut is just a small man how needs to go spawn a penis.

But- wait-

then why was Atramentis banned?! Wasn't it because he rated maximos DDA a 0? (throwback)

But yeah, I won't 'press charges' or anything against coldcut. If he finds it necessary to do that in order to- what- what does it achieve, anyway?! How does this benefit him? He's too bad a map maker (at the moment, no offence to him) to have anything in the top 10, and rating down this won't benefit any of his maps anyway! I could understand his motivation if- say- he had the no. 2 map...

... wierdo.


well done in beating me in the rankings, even if it was just because coldcut is such a (censored.)

Yeah- yours it really good too. No hard feelings, by the way.

Re: Coldcut

The way the rating system is set up, I say if he's gonna be an asshole to us, we should be an asshole to him. There's no reason to do crap like that, and he gets what's coming to him.
Assuming coldcut did rate the map a zero, he still wouldn't be banned, because he didn't do anything wrong like using multiple accounts. His rating it a zero is just his "opinion". Now personally I think that's ridiculous, but unfortunately Arachnid is convinced otherwise.


It survives! Wow, that really was something kick arse.


What? Coldcut, if you actually rated a zero, you deserve a ban.


rocket-ed is finally dethroned from its triumphant standing...


That was a joke, right?


yeah this people have a point. i was gonna be nice and give it 1 ninja rating, but after seeing what others said im convinced it deserves a 0. next time work a little harder on your map, put time and thought into making it work. you get a 0!!!!!