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Author formica
Tags author:formica incomplete rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-11
Last Modified 2005-04-11
by 6 people.
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Description I found this thingy lieing in an anceint text document, nestled deep within the 'my documents' folder. Enjoy! I'd love to see a level made out of this though, realistically, I doubt it can be used well.

Actually, the tileset sucks. I just thought it was quite amusing to see one of the levels I made when I was just starting out with N.

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...Named: Spy Tactics.


It's a "hold right and sometimes jump DDA!"
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I thought parts of it were really cool. I like the feeling of searching for a path through the top left. I think something a little more random, without the kinda stuff on the right, would work really well.

I definately agree.

I think it was- what- maybe the third level I ever produced?

I just thought it was pretty funny, so I decided to post it.