The Punch

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-12-08
Last Modified 2006-12-08
by 51 people.
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Description This map is like being a fighter pilot.

This map was featured on 2009-05-13

Boom. The Punch hits you like it's namesake. You're dropped on the edge of what appears a writhing chaos of mines and drones. But you find yourself in a delicate dance as soon as you enter it. Patterns and paths seem to flicker enticingly. Soon you find yourself thoroughly entangled in its depths, dying often and loving every second of it.

Should you ever escape, you will be rewarded greatly with exhilarating, soaring flight and a truly unique line of gold. Once again, you have been Swept off your feet. — gloomp

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I do believe that it is americanisations.


1000 frame AGD! AMAZING map. Truly unbelievable. I love it.
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203 frame deom
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hail tacgnol.


new map?

mo ofense sweep

but i dont really like this map. maybe its because i cant get even 100 frames into the map, or maybe its the rocket that just annoys me. but possibly it because im JEALOUS THAT NO ONE CAN SEEM TO CHECK ANYONES MAP ANMORE!!! well anyways... 4/5




Help! Me!!

Please, I want the game. N V1.4. But I can't found somebody Link or URL. Could go through any link or by mail? Please. My Email is

Help! Me!


I disagree!

Let's start a war over a mis-spelling. I'll go get the cannons.

I'm sorry, what?!

It's an apparent plural! Plural = S!

Anyway, let's not start a war over this. Appreciate the map instead. =)

Btw rozer,

'math' makes more sense than 'maths' as it's short for 'MATHematics', not 'MATHSematics'.


Was more fun three years ago for some reason

Sorry, didn't like this one. Was just too short and easy.

I love!

This one has been in my favourites for quite some time.

Very VERY slow AGD

This demo shows that sub-500 is very possible.
Demo Data
line of cocaine.
It was tto hard to be of any real fun for me, and I didn't think that the line of gold was rewarding nor unique. 3/5 because of the cool drone paths.
also, floating doors really bug me. The gameplay was pretty fun, though,

Ahahahah, ska.

I totally wanted to make some sort of parallel to cocaine, but I couldn't fit it in well.

i had fun.

i liked it.
I've seen lines of cocaine that were more unique..

and it's not at all like being a fighter pilot, you don't go fast enough :P

meh. i don't really like maps like this. 3/5 though because it's well made


i like these cool abnormal maps that get featured over the just plain good ones, but this just isnt floating my boat. more like sinking it.

the above statement is an opinion
the below statement is a fact

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Played before.

Pretty awesome. :P

We find your Britishisms just as crazy, rozer. ;))

faster agd

remember playing this one before, love it.
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its maths
you and your crazy americanisms

LoL, Turtles

Who taught you math?


You just divided by zero, didn't you? 0/0 isn't the same as 5/5... it's undefined. You should know that.
But pretty damn hard.
I want to do that, because really this thing is an awesome combination of enemies and tileset, aesthtics.


which can also mean 5/5, which is what i gave it

i cant do it

t'is very nice. especially the mines