Totally Buggered

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized rated test v1.3c
Created 2005-04-11
Last Modified 2005-04-11
by 51 people.
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Description Probably my last 'bug map'. This one displays different bugs you can get on NED without fiddling with the code. Not meant to be played as a real level, more as a kind of 'experiment'. There are a few new things here, but not all that much.

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Very cool!

Demo Data

Help Please.....

How do you get past the first bit without getting shot!!


This seems to be less a compilation of glitches and more a compilation of impossible things.

Someone should post a list of the glitches and how they are made.

Missing one

Great Map! But I can Seem to find a map with the teleportation bug from Pac-N

Nice map



im new here (kinda) and i dont know how to play this map. Usually theres map data but i dont see it.

5/5 and favorited

Really fun map even if not ment to be a map
Demo Data


I can't get past the first jump! The bouncer won't work and I get shot.


One word.......sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


Brilliant Man, Just Brilliant.


just yes


So much fun. 5/5.

map data is wrong

only has an incomplete tile set, even when refreshed....either edit it or someone re-post it

Beat it

Even though it's not a level. You did a really good job on this!
Demo Data


Best bug map ever!

I like it ;)

good map. Nevermore, do you ever stop complaining? you're only jealous :p

I like it ;)

good map. Nevermore, do you ever stop complaining? you're only jealous :p

Hey, thanks, guys!

By the by, nevermore, do you reckon that's an improvement?


Probably the best "bug gallery" I've seen yet. 5/5


disregard that last sentance...


What a great demo!!!!! You're not the most... err.... subtle person... lol!

Nup, no purpose, just randomly felt like using it. Although, perhaps I could try to incorporate that flying, corner jump thingo... what do you reckon?

Oh- I should've included
Here, see the demo... It's the bounceblock that I jump on a lot.
Demo Data


Or, instead, I'll do that. (see the single door.)


The bounce block? You can wall slide 'through' it, thanks to the gold. Try wall sliding once the gold is gone... lol.

And the doors on the floor? Not a glitch, just something I've always felt like doing... I love that effect, yet have never found an appropriate place to use it.

... fine, I'll go delete it...
Pure genious; only someone like you can do something like this.


good lord

that's cool

I'm honored

I got a glitch in! The "Qué?"... I think I missed one or two though. At the bottom, why did you put all of those doors on the ground? And why did you put that lone bounceblock?