Squashed for Time

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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore incomplete rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-11
by 11 people.
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Description The long awaited sequel to Lucidium's "Pressed for time" is finally... incomplete.
So, you stand still for the beginning. There's no cheating involved. In fact, I don't even think it's possible to cheat. You start moving after you get "killed" by the thwump.
I think this is one of my favorite levels by me so far, and it poses very different challenges from "Pressed for Time"... But I just don't know what to do after the first room. Should I keep having narrow rooms like this? Or should it merge into a bigger ordinary action level? Or should it end there? I really have run into a block, and I need some suggestions. And by the way, this isn't for you guys to fiddle around with and make your own levels. This is purely for comments, and will promptly be deleted when I get what I need.
Oh. Everything here is possible, I guarantee you that.

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Is it illegal for me to do a little advertising?

not bad

this could be made into something pretty cool.


how do you do teleporters?! ever since i played the pac n level i've wondered how the hell that works!

Oh, by the way

the way the thwumps are now is the closest I could manage to get them. I just thought of a way for them to be closer, but it'd be way too complex.


I'll start work on it now, but I'll leave it up for a little while, just for more comments...


I reckon easier towards the end is infinately better than harder.... So you don't have to do the mudane, easy stuff OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!
It took a pretty long time to get those teleporters to work right. Also, I thought Pressed for Time was a bit too frustrating, so making it get easier might be a relief for many. What with the really hard to get past mine at the very end...
Oh, and here's your "completion" demo. I decided to mess around at the end.
Demo Data


I'd say that's the closest they should be. Maybe get like a quarter step closer each round, with that being the final distance.

Too close

Do you mean that it makes it too hard? If you feel strongly about that, I'll change it, but it'd be pretty hard. I also tried to make them very close, because if not then you could just zip through the level without even worrying about the second set. The point is to keep your speed in check.


that's wierd, I played it about 50 times, and that never happened, maybe it's your 987465615764 ms/f.

About yours though, it seems like the sets of thwumps might be just a little bit too close. It would be cool to have 2 or 3 more rows like that, like Lucidium's. Great idea.


That's incredible. But on your map, you should use teleporters instead. Sometimes I get killed by a delayed mine (always) and sometimes the gold lets me go too soon.
Any comments about this map?

That is spooky

Look what I've been working on today.