Last True Amateur Series: Ride The Lights

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2006-12-12
Last Modified 2006-12-12
by 36 people.
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Description The last true amateur series is a series of extremely easy maps. The purpose of these maps is to be easy- they're made mostly for the n00bs and to bring back nostalgia of the days when we, too, would find maps like this difficult.

"So don't disrespect the n00bs, The n00bs are just like you and me.
They mean no harm to ohers, they're just N- lovers, but God made them badly."

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nice map

not to hard but still challenging

Have a shitty AGD

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Imma keel j00!!

;_; So close-
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but did it not occur to you, krusch, that i might have been browsing NUMA without an account when map numbers were back in four figures?

1696 frames

5 ninjas. I haven't had that much fun with a map in a long time.
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ya, i remember formica was the *second* member that I really liked
good times

pssst formica

he wasn't taking to you I think krusch's comment was directed at unconditional. As you are member 700 not 9804

Good map btw
Your maps are amazing. The tileset look great.



I joined when the maps where in their 3000's, and I know plenty about the 'good old days' referred to back then- I'd just explore handfuls of maps from earlier periods. Easy.

The good old days?

You're member 9804.



Really nice tiles and a pleasant throwback to the good old days..

I suck so much...

I think I have learned many N tricks, and when I play this map I do stupid mistakes... xD
The flow could have been better : even if it's a low chalenging nostagic map, I find the left and right side a little boring...
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i love this map-4.5/5
its just so floppy
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funny ^^ like it ^^ 4/5


funny ^^ like it ^^ 4/5


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Agd too!

But much slower... But I did it with first try. Even if I am really bad player, I like more to make maps. But really I feeled very relaxed when playing this, and I liked the thumbnail really. Maybe I´ll do a faster demo, we´ll see. 4/5
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Didn't you read the description?

Enjoyable, but I find I enjoy most of the Last True Amateur maps.


I never really struggled with this kind of map... Oh well, maybe that's just me :P
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