Chaingun Chutney

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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-13
by 5 people.
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Description Hahaa, it's Sendy map no. 99. See if you can guess the THEME of this map. I'll be honest ;) this is pretty hot damn tough, but by no means insanely so. It took me about 10 mins to get this demo down, but I had practice while building the level that you will not have had. Even so, I'd love to see if anyone can better my demo, because I know how much some of you rock at N.

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I can. Beaten.

Nice because i race it. I don't like chainguns, they depend too much of the luck.

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Thx Formica

But I do intend to set up my own levels version of N when the time comes, if it does. I await that day eagerly, as I feel that my maps, like many others, would work better within a context of a game. But I'd still be flattered if other people use my levels in their own games, provided credit is given.
I think I shall not add new drones. I admit it- my knowledge of Actionscript isn't the most comprehensive, but I know some.

So- I think that making another user column- or, just changing EVERY level in the game into user maps- (But I'd only have- oh- 3 columns?) And this'd be one of them...

Yeah- anyway- chances are it'll suck, or it'll be too hard- so don't hold your breath.

Thanks Maniak

Yeah I think a second column would rock and it should focus on non-insane user levels with a metanet-y feel.


Very, very good map, Sendy. Great, has a theme, just wow. It has a good amount of challenge, without being too bad. I'd definitely think this a good candidate for a second user column, if there ever is one.

Anyway, I haven't beat this one yet, but here's all gold up to the point where I died. Good idea making you get near the chaingun, for the protective trapdoors also cut off all-gold if you don't get it.
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Wha cha think?

A demo

Anything I can do, one of you can probably do better?
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