Bounce block jump comp

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Author Echarin
Tags author:echarin rated test v1.3c
Created 2005-04-13
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description How far can you jump? Jump into the bounce block and then jump away as far as you can.

Please don't rate, as this is just a simple test and not a proper display of my mapmaking skill

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Demo Data

triple bounce

on edge of 4
Demo Data


Demo Data
Demo Data

Got a 4!

Dus this count as a 4, i think it does. i like this because it involves a certain amount of skill and it was fun. ask 4 another demo if this 1 dus not work.
Demo Data


Does this count as a 4?

I can get to a 3.5 without corpse bouncing.
Demo Data
I can get a 4!! without the bounce block :P with the block i con only get 2 :P
Demo Data


i can only get to two. darn.


Success! 4!
Demo Data


Another close one...
Demo Data


Closest I've gotten. Something like a 3.9... I mean, I actually slid on the 4 block!
Demo Data

neato level

I wonder if I could hit 4?
Demo Data


well more like 3.333 but whatever.
Demo Data

Speed all gold

Demo Data

All golded

Here ya go.
Demo Data


Between 3&4 as well.
Demo Data

Best I can do.

Sorta, between 3 and 4.
Demo Data


Yes, although there is a little trick that helps you get a little boost... see the demo:
Demo Data

Like this?

is this right?
Demo Data