N Redux

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Author littleviking001
Tags action author:littleviking001 bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-08-03
by 21 people.
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Description Made in the spirit of the default N levels. Very difficult.

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Pretty easy

But fun. 4/5
I never played most of them, so I decided to start from the beginning.
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I've nearly completed the original levels, but I can't do the user levels

I suck at N

Im horrible at N, I can't beat the real game if you paid me money. I can do all the user levels no prob, but put me into metanets levels and im dead.

I agree.

I also thought it was too long. I have to start forcing myself to make shorter levels. If you boil it down to a formula, most of the best levels can be roughly divided into 3 parts. Mine had 5 (the top, back-tracking the top, the minefield, back-tracking the minefield, and the end).
It was tough, but I beat it. I don't think it was hard because one part was hard though, more because there was a lot of parts. The top section is brilliant, I wish the whole level was like that. The mine feild was perfect to go both ways (man that was annoying) but it was brilliantly laid out. The first room in the middle was a pain in the butt but it was cool. Overall, just a tad bit too long, but still very good.
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