Pull the level. Make a move.

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Author lord_day
Tags action author:lord_day bitesized featured playable rated seeker-drones
Created 2006-12-15
Last Modified 2007-06-23
by 44 people.
Map Data

Description I don't know what to say really. Mind the drones.

This map was featured on 2008-07-14

IMO, aesthetics are a major element for consideration when working on a NED design. A perfectly styled look can create atmosphere that enhances and deepens an already great gameplay experience.

Saying this, aesthetics alone aren't everything, and poor gameply can't be layered over with a few pretty tiles. Conversely, and in slight contradiction, raw gameplay mechanics minus the polish can stand up next to even the artiest of designs.

With 'PTL. MAM.' we have a perfect example of raw and flawless mechanics with overall gameplay so sharp the experience dazels as brightly as the prettiest tiles.

Shiny. — astheoceansblue

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quite loveable

excellent gameplay. I felt metanet undertones and the drones were beautiful. 5/5

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messed up

the drones are more interesting in this one
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There is no accounting for taste.


I'm sorry GHM said mine was better! ;___;

Its alrite

But the gameplay isnt excessively commendable imo. The review didnt sell it to me. 3


amazingly and simply satisfying


Do you have a map on the XLBA N+ ?
I'm pretty sure you do!

For once

I really agree with AMLT.

great map

this was an exellent map .. i loved it but abit easy .. nice layout a original thinking .. i like the classic level unlike those levels that are overloaded with gold and enemies.. 4/5


odd choice atob. is there some inner genious i'm missing?

I don't get it

Why's this featured?
I agree with krypto; this map is plain and boring.
Thanks for all the comments everyone!


A boring map, nothing special in terms of gameplay.


why have I never played this before? This is incredible.


Featured maps is broken. I submitted my featured map like 2 or 3 hours ago. There is already a new one...


A good original action map


This isn't in my favorites? Lets fix that!



2nd try AGD

dunno about this map..
seems waaay to easy imo..
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I fav'd it long ago.


Love this map.

Forgot all about it :)
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well, missed one, but who cares?
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keep in mind im super tired

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I would love to see a sub 1200 frame demo.
This is the most I can get out of it all gold.

Awesome map L_D. ^_^
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Beat this! I'm sure sub-1200 framesis possible.
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Fastest. Very cool map. I would've tried to get the drones to go back to the bottom. 5aved.
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Demo Data


this map is joy in map form

Fast AGD

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Faster again.

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Pretty esay.

first try, and fastest. 4/5
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