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Author Echarin
Tags action author:echarin featured playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-15
by 69 people.
Map Data

Description Have fun playing this, or else...

This map was featured on 2008-12-01

Welcome, #317! Watch your step as you enter the fusion chamber. You may experience strange side effects while the process takes effect, such as kleptomania and hallucinations, and the occasional spontaneous combustion. However, these effects are only temporary, and will disappear shortly after exiting. I'm sure you'll find the chamber very fun, yet simplistic, and overall a thrilling experience. — tinkers7777

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"The fact that this map is being so well received even 3 years after its release is really quite a testament to it."

One of the first maps I fell in love with; ten-plus years later, it's as lovely and addictive as I remember. Phenomenal.
You ever stop by these days?

How come I didn't beat this on nv1.4?

First try
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This map has a wonderful flow, and can be quite a challenge! It is addicting, and very fun. Keep it up, Echarin! 5 out of 5!

My route

sped up to faster than mam's. Not as fast as Izzy or life247 though.
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You're just saying that 'cuz you don't like it. Its reception from being featured has been mostly positive. It's true that it would probably be less popular if submitted today, but I really don't think it'd be 3/5. This isn't one of those old maps that is out-of-date by today's standards. There's still plenty in this map to be enjoyed by speedrunners and casual players alike.


that argument doesn't work. it wasn't submitted today, so it gets points for originality--open area, good jumps, interesting layout. it also happens to be very fun to play over and over again.

If this

were submitted today, it would have an average rating of 3. I don't see it.

I understand that.

It's just that the idea of "stealing gold" and stuff isn't unique to this map


A bit better. Someone more skilled than I can take it if he wants.
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Better route than mam's...could still be faster. (Life's route might be the same as mine, I just reloaded the page to post this.)

Map's classic.

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different route.

this is a classic. 5aved.
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The fact that this map is being so well received even 3 years after its release is really quite a testament to it.


Not as crazy as mam's but still decent.

Fun map. 4/5

It's true that the review has little to do with the map. But for a classic like this, I'm okay with that.

And what does it matter if it's in the default userlevels? It still makes for a nice feature.
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I don't really want to submit them because it feels weird going 3 times in a row. What would any of you recommend? Should I wait or not?
Kleptomania is when you often have the urge to steal, similar to being exceptionally greedy. The difference is that you steal not for money, but just for the sake of stealing. You, as a player, are not going for gold necessarily to obtain more time, but instead for the sake of AGD.

Spontaneous combustion = mines. However, you will have so much fun playing this that you will instantly try again, therefore rendering the combustion "temporary". Exiting in this case could be used as another word for death.

There are more that I don't feel like getting into, and more that I have no idea about, but whatev.


stupid error made me think my first post didn't go through >.<
meh, the second one is worded better
But it is a bit detached from the map, and it's abstract enough that it could be applied to most any map like mintnut said.
If you look at my review it used a metaphor, but the details were grounded in the map itself.
But the point of the review is to draw attention to good maps which you've done, so this is just something to think about for your next feature.
Very bad death demo.
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but I'd like to think my review was quite pertinent to the map, I just used the metaphor of a vacation to make the review a bit more interesting to read
the point of the review is to draw attention to a map, but it's nice if the review is useful and fun to read

i remember

this is an old map on userlevels

Lol, again:

Modeled after toasters. Look at the review for Tropiks South. <3
However, I think you should've described the actual map a bit more.


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didnt use any part of the review

this map

was in the nv1.4 userlevels starter pack.
is that an actual voiceover from it, or just reminiscent?
Reminds me of Portal <3



or bach. ;)


with mcp.


it's like beethoven!
alright. things are looking up.
This is really flowy.

map is really fun

no glitz, no glammer...just straight up fun. That's the point of mapping. Not to mention this puppy was from the good old days of '05.
The map itself isnt spectacular, nor does it try to be. 3. up

I like the review

But didn't like the choice of the map.

Is this

not in 1.4? Under "play games"?

Fast AGD

Lols skills

Exactly 132.000
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I'd tell you

but the I'd have to wrap you in plastic and pretend like I was a hero.

how is occasional spontaneous combustion.. temporary?