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hell yeah man
you should review the map.

That review

could be for almost any map...

I liked the review

Occasional spontaneous combustion. lol


this is a userlevel

I liked AGDing this

As an original user level :P

My God

That was FAST. I didn't know the review thing was instant. And for anyone who asks, I tried to slightly style it after toasters, because HE BE TEH BEST REHVYOUWUHR IN TEH WURHLD.


love this level. 5/5 for its design and play.

ALL gold

Demo Data

Lotsa fun

5/5 for fun...i mean i played this again after i beat it :D
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a great addition to my User Levels :D

Speed run

Demo Data

It rocks my socks

'Nuf said. Definitely 5 Ninji.

This is awsome

This a really fun level and that's really what it's all about right?


fbf on this is a blast
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Time for a 'include this in the next N version!' crusade...

If all else fails, this is going in my mod... if I ever make it...


this is my new favorite level, man. Brilliant placement of gold! so super fun. easily 5/5


im having so much fun
check out me and the fbf
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was awesome
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A wee bit faster

Still really easily improved, though.
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Awesome, awesome map. Reminds me of "Intact"

Holy biznatch. Looking back at my demo, I'm surprised I did half the stuff I did. You bring out the best in me, Echarin. ;)
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its fun, also nicely done. this would have defenitley been accepted in N 1.4 if you made it sooner
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although it sucks, i was on the phone, it is a completion
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eeks. i died. dude this rocks


now that was fun
Demo Data

this is

sooooooooo fun.... demo coming sooonn