Blood Boiler

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Author mr_x_lma0
Tags author:mr_x_lma0 playable race rated
Created 2006-12-21
by 5 people.
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Description Its hard, fast and its coming at you right now. Dodge it. Made on my Head Spinner 3 Rpt Tileset. Fastest agd demo in 2 days from now gets a DED. But. You cannot interrupt the flow in the level. You know you want a level dedication...

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This Level Is Shite

But then I thought about your effort. 2.5/5


the concept is excellent but you cant really follow the flow because of the enemies so you have to slow down a bunch in alot of places ill give you a 3 but redo it and try again
here's a NEAR completion demo. observe close calls.
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Read above.

I mean comments below.
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If you go to fast, you'll either be seen by that laser drone at the top when you reach the top bit and get shot, or crash into the mine also at the top, or if you somehow survive that, when you go down to that sideways thwump you'll get hit by the rocket. Tileset's good though.

PS: Never put rockets 'in' walls like the one next to the exit.


what flow?

Actually it was pretty good. The lasers irritated me because sometimes when i actually followed the flow they would cut off my jumps thus disrupting it.
Pretty fun
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