Lair of the Malicous Fungi

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-12-21
Last Modified 2006-12-21
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Just a short race, looks kinda cool in my opinion. Flow is decent.

For some contest, can't use any objects

Thanks cresent. Major edit. Got rid of the object i missed and extended it by a short loop, hopefully it still looks good.

I'll post another demo

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the thumbnail

is the best part of it. the flow is kind of disrupted and stilted at portions, which doesn't really fit the theme. 4/5 though; i like the tileset a lot.
Demo Data

Fasest flow.

Demo Data
You beat me to it!


What a beautiful ending!

4.5/5aved, pure awesome.
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Really nice map. Great flow, awesome style.
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Otherwise you can do it like this.

Thanks for first comment
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still no fbf. is this the fastest it can be done?
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non fbf; non flow

pure speed demo.
Demo Data

this is my best

without fbf.
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i liked it. 4.5

Super speedy flow

No fbf, I swear.
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Here it is

SOmething went wrong submitting it and now i can't comment on it, but you can still play it


its yours

Beat it

by one frame!
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Just to reward

those hardy souls who venture off the newest page. Next person who beats this demo gets a ded
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Big edit

new flow demo. thanks crescent
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great tiles.

I Love The Flow

And I love the tileset.


you can put it also in Tileset's cat. :D
Very cool TS, btw.
still good though

Flow demo

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