Ring of Fire

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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore dda rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-16
by 91 people.
Map Data

Description Ridiculous. Pure insanity. That's all I have to say.
Original tileset:
Build time: ~45 hours over the span of a week.

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this map isn't working for me. once the ninja gets to the bottom right drone he just becomes invisible to everything, enemies and launch pads, and stops moving (unless i move him around) am I doing something wrong? I rly want to see how this map is suppose to work.




Way to much objects lagg gold delays ect...

But this is awsome...a dda with a teleporter????
fricking awsome: 4.5


N teleports through editing the launch pad code. See my lvls (lone_range50) for a bit of info.


wow, well there is a lot of cheat deaths and how the hell does n teleport? its like o.0 wow 5/5

It gets a 2/5

Most people don't like teleporter in ddas and i lost track of where the ninja was for a good 7 seconds and the lag made it worse. And way too much gold delay. Way too much.There also weren't a lot of close calls to combat the massive amounts of gold delay hence my rating of 2/5

Amazingly awesome

The only problem was lag. Other than that, 5/5


I died, but absolutly no lag so I guess it pays of to have an XPS destop...
Demo Data


is it just me who dislikes this dda...a mean there were a few good moments but there were more downsides than positives

Lots of enemies
Used different types of propulsion

Lagged a lot
Some enemies were useless
Way too much gold delay
Uses gold delay to create close calls
Cheats death
Too Short

anyway, ive decided it deserves a low 4/ offence


fake death . . . again and again. . . *twitches and blows head off*keeps happening in every dda. im pissed o.o


I died in two different places in this DDA, but it was very impressive nonetheless. It gets the dubious honor of being the only N-level EVER to lag my computer (only a little bit :-)) 40ms/f, and I'm running some serious firepower in my computer, so congrats. Very entertaining.


It didn't work the first time, but totally awesome.
Lags at the begining, but works great.


i commented!!!

frickin a

got zapped by zapper bot and then neutraled but still good.


5/5 and favd

dude this is



HOW the hell does n survive that lol, GREAT JOB
(ps for any noobs that is how long it take to complile each frame, not the amout of frames per second! (so the lower the number the faster n runs)


this was pretty cool... the only thing i didn't like that much was launch pads... too many of them. LAG???? what are you guys talking about? i think you have lag because your computers suck. mine went fine. plenty of close calls and the use of trapdoors was genius. 5/5


5/5. Awesome DDA.


damn nevie i didnt know you had this kind of crazy in yor head! the est part is how the level spells out fire. i didnt even notice till the end. freaking awsome


not that good. i keep dying and the chain gun doesnt see him. too much lag. 2/5


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Not only is this an extremely complex DDA, it also has an awsome tileset as well! 5/5 without qustion!


he dies like five times in this


he dies like five times in this


love what you came up with using the frame-tile set.


that was awsome. i am at a loss of words


only problem is lag, but 5/5


This is...super freakin' cool. Although I have a bit of lag, its probably just my slow machine. A definite 5/5, well done!


I was gonna do a DDA for the tileset but...WOW! This is freakin awesome. Maybe my favorite DDA! 5/5!

*Note: no lag for me ;) haha losers with slow cpu's!






but not spectacular. I definitely appreciate the amount of work and timing you put into it, but i prefer DDA's where i can follow the action a bit more. There were times where i lost track of the ninja for a good 5 seconds or so, which really kindof detracted from it. But thats just me. Its still really awesome. I thought it deserved a 4. Good work.
I assume you're basically referring to the chaingun that doesn't notice him. I had no idea that would happen, and I really didn't want to use too much gold delay. Such as the middle section, I actually delayed because I wanted the rockets to fire. WIthout any of that stuff, he could have just gone through that section without any of the enemies shooting at him. I tried to imply close calls, but you're right. It was very hard when I had to wait for the enemies to shoot. ;)
About the launchpads, when I watch this, what really intrigues me is the complexity. Different people really have different experiences, but I tried to focus on timing and intricacy in this. I do see your point(s), though.


Well, it kind of seems that you had to depend on lag a bit. The ninja basically slipped through a lot of the enemies without being noticed. Also, although you have a few things like bounce block prepulsion, most of it is composed of launchpads and gold delay. Maybe some more variety next time.. and less lag? :P


that was incredible...doesnt play very well on my computer but it was still amazing.


That makes sense. Wind, do you mind elaborating? You said that "for some reason" you didn't think it was amazing. What could I have improved on? Thanks.


as the amount of gold in the map goes down, over the course of the entire run, the framerate get gradually better.


Yeah, it's because you didn't do anything. Demoes record the keys you hit, so all it recorded was nothing for a heck of a long time. Now onto the map. It was pretty good, although not that great.. *shrugs* For some reason I just don't see it as "amazing." Still an excellent job, though.
Dang it. I was really proud of myself. I remember M&R had said somewhere that demos should always work, unless you make changes to the level. I made no changes... Maybe it's because I did nothing in the demo... :/
LouDog, your framerate went _down_ when you got gold? I would assume it goes up...


This is amazing. Totally awesome. It must have taken a massive amount of work. Let me spout off a few things though:

1. Just so you know, the demo does not work, but still my first run went off perfectly, without a hitch.

2. Your use of bounce blocks as propulsion was incredible.

3. Crazy amount of laser dodging and other coolness which sets this apart from the rest of the batch.

4. I loved the part where N survives a rocket in his face right next to the launcher.

5. Insane amount of gold delay+drones. Which equals insane amount of lag+load time. I wish I could say this didn't matter, but only being able to see N every few frames detracts from the experience. I do wish I had a faster computer :).

Of course I am giving a 5!! This is amazing! This is a monumental DDA, and is completely astounding. I just wish the last part weren't true.