hive jinks 3

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Author newt
Tags action author:newt playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-16
by 6 people.
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Description The third installment of hive jinks, this one is a lot more open, but still keeps to the fairly easy, multiple paths theme.

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all gold

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i know

but you must be happy that it is finally done, huh? anyway here is my demo. i somewhat take my time. i agree though, great map. very good use of those seeking zap drones. it is hard to implement those into levels effectively, in my opinion.
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What do you mean?
Oh... You mean my new DDA? I posted the demos before the DDA was rated, so I can safely say that at any time of the day I would have loved this map.

my, oh my,

nevermore, you seem in a good mood. what's this all about? ;)


What a crazy frame count depletion! Yeah, speed runs on this level are really fun. I think I _will_ give you a five.
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By far one of the most deceptive maps ever. It looks tough as a mofo, but I got it first try. Check out this demo, I had a couple of crazy close calls. I didn't like waiting at the end, though. This is _so_ dang close to a 5, I may just give it to you anyway. It's so crazy fun!
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a demo
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