The Mountain

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Author maestro
Tags action author:maestro fairlygood featured playable pretentious puzzle rated
Created 2006-12-23
Last Modified 2007-10-21
by 90 people.
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Description From despaiar the summits are descented. The blue represents this despair! Falling with exhiliration and then nthe final theoughts of fearm. Arrested! Obn the stupping ldege (incline) slide pastn

the rescue ropwe, the insurgency, the safety zone. RUN! Empty territory & the spray mrains down. Zigzagging along. Running, surging, externally and internelly (adrenaline.). Up that? Further inasnity. Climbing up the walls of the beacn, Firing out broad-band wavelengths into
thec ore (the core is two itnerlcokiung *interlocking sections with personnel, one strong, one clear. Close to the start agan, the motif appears. To the mountain... ascending. Jagged edges, jagged cetnre. Flagged with

clouds on the summit. Trying to cutt through.. impossibel! No, no. Made it. Touch the centre and leap off. Ought to seil down, but it's blocked. What!? What!? What!? Back, back! No! Pherw. There's an exit

guarded by the cat in tjhe chair.

This map was featured on 2008-12-23

The Mountain may very well be the strangest map you'll ever love. It's all pointless objects and awkward tiles, but fitting together in a most wonderful way. It's linear, yet it has endless possibility. Really, describing it just does not do it justice; it's a unique experience that must be played to be believed. However, I would recommend reading maestro's brilliant description first; it adds yet another dimension to this triumphant declaration of the possibilities of N. — gloomp

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i jizzed.

in my pants


I dunno man, I can see what you were trying to do, but I think it could have been done better. :/
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i jizzed.

in my pants




art art art art art.

and its good art as well.

as bigblargh said, the escargot of maps. so true.
This is art. Like outsider art. Ya'know, the kind made by monkeys and the kind where the art dealer laughs at all of the people that think they're better than everyone because they think its good. You know, that kind.

" It's linear, yet it has endless possibility "

The player getting bored is the only possibility here...


for the win
and I think this is crap.
The people with the finest of palettes think it's wonderful and the rest just say "what the fuck, you're eating snails."
i think pretentiousness can be used to great effect, and i think this is one of those maps.
this if anything is a shocking map, sorry but i don't see what gloomp was describing here, :(

It's not that it's bad, it's that it's so pretentious that pretense entered my blood and gave me lead poisoning. Sorry, man.
get 100% more votes than normal features
...merry Christmas


Could be faster.

The playable bits of the map are fine, not amazing but passably entertaining. I only really found the bottom-right one-ways/mines and the bottom-left launchpads to be ugly.

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excessive profanity is not allowed.

AGD pest and lawn!

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Even though everything sucks about it (especially the pointless objects), the level itself is actually fun. In fact, if the level wasn't this fun, it would get a 1/5, but it won't.

Merry christmas

everyone, even you maestro :)


maestro, this sucks. even if you made it. I can tell. :(
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this is sort of crappy for a featured map, it looked like everything was randomly placed. There was useless enemies, launchpads, exits, and bounceblocks. This is definetly not you, I'm sure of it. 1.5 down.




It's called profanity.


Your comment has been deleted for abuse and unnecessary use of swearwords.


I really don;t know what to rate.
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i got that manual reed thing. it rocked. you rock. also i gave this a five cuz i was too lazy to scroll down the hanging bar.


Remind's me of my brother's map I just released, in some respects. IU suppose that may or may not be a good thing :P

Slowest :(

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oh well 1 anyway

BTW i didnt rate 0

even though i dont like it much/at all i rated 1 (very poor) i dont rate 0's thats of sniper standard

i don't get it.....

i think i agree with ganteka,

its either a joke (ha ha), or some randomly thrown together map!

meh, 2/5, only coz of what every one is saying....

I have decided

This map is one of 2 things.
A joke, which if it turns out to be so, would be pretty funny, I will admit.
Or a screwed up status quo where because Maestro is a prolific author, he gets more respect and a fm even though any new use would have easily been granted with a 0. nDEAVOUR's comment earlier pretty much sums it up.