Psychotic Mined Games

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized discipline featured games gauntlet linear mines playable progressive psychotic puzzle rated training v1.3c
Created 2005-04-19
Last Modified 2007-08-16
by 233 people.
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Description Ok, now before you get it into your head that this level is your enemy, let me tell you something - this map is your friend. I created it because when I saw anything with mines in a 2-block high tunnel (like in The Many and some other levels), I froze, lost a lot of valuable time, and promptly jumped into the mines, tearing myself to shreds.

So I made this map to practice and immunize myself against similar attacks in future. It worked for me - and it can work for you too :P

This is a map you can keep coming back to, it grows with you as your N prowess gets greater. See how many golden N's you can collect... I worked a lot on the difficulty curve, adding progressively more tricky techniques as you descend into the spiral. It actually turned out quite fun IMO, but I'm not expecting too high a vote, if any... Just remeber... This map WILL make you a better player ;P

This map was featured on 2008-08-13

Sendy's Psychotic Mined Games is probably one of the most helpful maps NUMA has ever seen. Designed to test and improve your mine dodging ability whilst letting you throw the towel in at any point.
The cleverly placed exit doors act as checkpoints, and the more checkpoints you pass the harder the map becomes. The more you play the map, the better you will become at avoiding the mines, and overall you will become a much more skilled N player.
Definitely something to try out if you want to improve the control of your ninja. — AMomentLikeThis

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For some reason I never mentioned that, back in 2013, I took this level with a pretty good run in the N v2 boards, with a score of 227.933 which beats Msyjsm's mythical run by quite a bit (I think over 3.5 secs? I don't have NReality with me now).


Not maxed, you can ghost with kryx's run to see this.
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ahh yess...

the demo >_<
Demo Data
:P still... fastest on NReality... but nowhere near Msyjsm's score...


Psychotic Mined Games has 222 rates
Psychotic Mined Games II has 111 rates
My third try in a year and a half. (The previous two were also today :p)
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He said "I'm not expecting too high a vote", but he has got 215 votes for 'flawless'!

Ironic :)


thank you, you cleared a phobia for mines I had :D

Five slash five
my list of favorites. 5aved^^ :)

I got 8 Ns

This map has awesome.
Demo Data


hell yeah.
I don't even care that it's slow, I finally did it.

5/5 again I guess.
Demo Data

Looks like

MTI. Just the layout does.


am i the only one who got problems with demo datas? i tried it with "ned" (this editor thing in this game) but it wont work.. what do i wrong?

sorry for the bad english


i put on the 200th rating
It's probably the most popular action map in history but hey!
199 votes out of 5!

Nah not that high Sendy ^^. 5aved ofc.

My newest demo!

Beating it now!
I did it in normal N, so no NReality demo.
Demo Data

Thanks guys

Glad to see that skeptics like Arcangelo are the minority.
I watched the wrong demo. Msyjsm is god.

Msyjsm is not god.

Romaniac's fast AGD demo proves that he is god.
v Romaniac's demo, from NReality.
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Great map.

This is really good for training :)

Msyjsm - You_Are_God. I just can't believa that demo o.O


I remembered that demo before you resubmitted it. I do believe that it's legitimate because everything you did in that demo is very much possible for someone with a lot of patience/skill.

P.S. Sendy - she's a genius, there is like every kind of jump involved with this map and she really did pull it off. Great use of gold to provide the incentive and the best use of mines EVER in a map.


Since my amazing demo is on the previous page, I'll post it again here. It's non-FBF (despite Arcangelo's convictions) and isn't on NReality because I made it waaay before that existed.

This map should be permanently featured.
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sweet idea dude

nice 5/5 :)
map before I was a member, because though I'm fairly new, I've been lurking unregistered on Numa for years.

As far as I can get

and 5/5 again?!
Demo Data

I love it.

This is actually quite helpful.

sweet map

wow this will help me alot... i hope soo thank u Sendy


classic map

and good review
Ironically, this was AMLTs most frequent rant; both maps he's featured so far are the type he'd complain about :p
This is really good. And the idea of helping people with this
is wonderful. 5aved.

my completion AGD

also on nreality.
This is the best minejumper. ever.
Demo Data
which have a great deal of replay value. I remember playing it a few months ago. It's just as much, if not more, fun now.


I'll stick with a close second(or first?)...for now...


Just pointing that out. :P


The first time I saw this. Isn't featuring for maps that need attention? This had 150+ ratings before it was featured.


AMLT has also featured Acrophilia [] by stepself, which was made in 2005.