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Best. Map. Ever.


I suck. 0.

i remember this lvl

back b4 i was a member. it is an awesome mine training lvl.

You know

i had thought I could beat Sammage. But never that, msy. That's crazy!
Non-finishing. This door always seems to catch me :/
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I am speechless. 0_0


100th vote


I never use fbf. :) Honestly, I've done those jumps so many times by now that really only 4 or 5 of them pose any threat anymore.
Did you use fbf?
I almost can't believe this demo, especially considering it only took maybe 4 hours to do it (not including prep time).
This level is so good, it's probably my favorite of all time.

If anyone beats this demo, I'll dedicate every single map I make to him/her (I haven't submitted any yet, but I've got a few cooking...).

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My sucky demo.

4 gold Ns.
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I got really far, here. I find the column second from the left extremely difficult. Anyway, this was fun but then I died.
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I like this level..

And it really does help you get better. 5/5


This level was number 2 on my numa suggests list. I can totally see why, this was the very best training level I have ever played. 5/5, favorited, never playing again, etc!
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This map

Scared the crap out of me when I first loaded it (lol)
but it has made me a MUCH better player since then.
ty and 5/5

Great map

I can evidently see that a lot of work went into this map, and even though I can't test it all because I'm not good enough (!) it all looks fantastic.

Past 4 doors is the best I can manage for the moment - I'll keep trying though :D.

Oh Poo

Yup, this map is making me better. Thanks, Sendy.
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once again you amaze me
Fantastic map.
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neat idea

i like the options that you could stop whenever you want. 5/5
I made this, for you, by you.

About half way...

I love this.
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Second Try...

Nice map ! 5/5 !
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I was vote number 50!


I got this far just to stuff it on something easy.
Btw... Sendy your right.
This stuff is getting easier and easier as I do it over and over.
Its fun 2.
Im gonna give it 5.
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I did it!
I got up to the 2nd gold N!
Wait... no Yay! thats 3 gold ns!
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OK... here's my speedrun. (Also the first time I ever played to completion).

Could definitely be sped up on passages 5, 8, and 11. And then there's the hesitation at the end. I'd guess a perfect run would best this by less than 15 seconds.

Someone prove me wrong. Or else I don't think I'll ever play it again. It already haunts my nightmares.
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First try

Very well made.
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not to far

but- its my third try.
realy cool level i will train diligently on it
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a litle

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I love it.
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best mine jumper ever in my opinion
5/5 and favd


OK, I can't even get to the second exit alive...

You deserve a lot for it though. I think it will become a handy training program!!

Not a completion, but an awesome 5 second demo.
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Well, I tried running it all the way through and respawning (Enter key in Ned)every time I died, and I mananged to explode all but 91 mine before I got to the center!


the setup was kind of dumb cause you win so easily but
4.5/5, good job

YES!!!!!!! Phew!

That has been my ultimate hard map on and off for the past half a year or so. It's fantastic.
5/5, naturally.

Now to see if I can do there-and-back... :p
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