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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch featured playable rated
Created 2006-12-31
by 37 people.
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Description $Spikey: Thwumps/Drones#krusch#Zpisodic#

This map was featured on 2010-05-24

What is a "Zirachi"? I googled it, thinking it was a samurai sword or a long-lost Mayan temple or maybe a drink. Turns out it's a krusch map, fifth link down. And that's the great thing about unique map titles -- they show up on Google.

You might ask where I'm going with this, and I certainly wouldn't blame you. Fact is, nowhere. Zirachi is just perfect, and I wanted to share it with everyone. It's more about timing and speed than anything else, and you will find yourself wondering how so little gold can go so far. Enjoy. — flagmyidol

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slow agd
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just very good

really kinda

6th link down.


I call it fun!

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he did a fantastic job with his maps, apart from some aesthetical flaws. this one is for sure one of his best pieces of work.

First try.

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pretty cool
I beat kkstrong on nreality :3

Nice map.


NUMA really should have an edit button for comments T_T

ijerhart wins

I do not like this map. It felt bland and too simple. Even as an episodic, I don't think I would enjoy it.

AGD on nreality, probably still at the bottom :p


flag, you just got owned, man. :P


I can't beat your map, but I can tell you what Zirachi means. It's a combination of the name Zira and the word Chi. Chi being energy, so to speak, and Zira being the brightness of the morning sun. Thus Zirachi: The Energy of the Bright Morning Sun


I was going to feature this - but since i'm not a reviewer anymore -.- thanks :)


Not feelin' it.
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This is the acknowledged way to play the last five seconds of Zirachi.
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doesn't seem too little to me D:

If it's such a nice feature, jerrod, why didn't I win the review competition, HUH?

First Try AGD

Good feature. Basic and simple map, but still classicly fun.
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Plays nice.

<Techno> the featured map
<Techno> looks like a TV
<Techno> on the discovery channel
<flag> with n being played on it
<Techno> with bear grylls
<Techno> in a giant cave


krusch is best


played it before, i loved how the mechanics worked so well.

I love me for my grammar.


feels basic. But nice


shaved 0.150 of spect's run. (Great route btw)
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it was really fun.
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Well, uh

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Holy crap spect,

I tried something like that so many times and couldn't beat the thwump. Skills aren't quite leet enough. Nice run.

and eight

<3 krusch
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Well LouDog...

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Oh man, LouDog.

That has to be the most rewarding set of 6 comments I have ever received. Thank you. ;_;

faster all gold

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faster all gold

I think that's five routes now. Too perfect, krusch.
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faster all gold

. . .
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faster all gold

. . .
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faster all gold

. . . . . .
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