Jump Puzzle #3: 2007

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Tags author:[[n]] playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-01-02
Last Modified 2007-01-03
by 8 people.
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Description ~# JUMP ONLY PUZZLE #~

Dedicated to masqeurain3 for completing Stop Shouting( with the fastest time. Fastest demo wins a ded!

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o sorry, i didnt read the jumps only bit
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Beat yas

sorry guys, i beat yas all
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Limit one demo per person!
Slug yours was the 157 demo but you got disqualified for using free movement.

Sorry Slug but Snail wins!


ty for the ded man.

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i cant read. My bad.

Here's a faster demo anyway
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first try........
Demo Data

THE Fastest

550 Frames.
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But I had to get a reeeeeeeally lucky jump at the end.
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from []!

Wonder if he testplayed before he did this, or if he did but in parts


His vote ratio is better than mine. Think of it as the lower the ratio, the less chance they are of vote abusing.

good for now

but really, look at this guys votes / ratio, its horrable
completion demo soon
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