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Simply Stunning

I rate this a 5/5. nevermore, this level is amazing!


I seem to be the only person on NUMA to not comment/rate this map. 5/5! 5/5! 5/5! 5/5! 5/5! 5/5!


I think you are the best!!!
this is a great level and if you have it in userlevels then you can still move N around even after the level has finished

also a hold left

i haven't read any comments and i just found this out so some1 may have already posted it


pretty darn good


wow. 5


BEST DDA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah man

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW really gread job the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!


Ever. DDA.


Absolutely unbeleivable, it must have taken ages to get it right


Thats the BEST DDA i've EVER seen!


truly amazing, this is definitly one of my faves. excellent DDA =)


I haven't done any maps.... BUT OMG THATS c00l!!!! (Sry for 0s for os...) but.... wow you're like a master nevermore...


A definate 5/5, I am amazed at your quality in all levels, especially this one.



That is an amazing DDA, I have never seen anything likeit before a definete 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!


that was sweet 5/5


A great DDA! One that actually works in User Levels so you dont need to run it in debug mode!


A great DDA! One that actually works in User Levels so you dont need to run it in debug mode!


Hey, I'll pay u $50 per hour if u teach me how to make some levels...

definitely 50000000/5!!!!


It's a 'DDA', meaning 'Don't Do Anything'. You just sit and watch the show.

That bad rating is totally and utterly unearnt... That's just not fair.
I didnt think it was that gr8. i mean you put alot of bits and bobs in the game but nothin happens and the platforms bounce me strait into the goal and the rocket dosent follow me at all it can get throught the first door, 1/5
ur good at makeing these things
I love your maps and this one is no exception. Fantastic work. Shows that you take time and effort into making your levels. 5 thumbs way up! 5/5


these maps should be deleted to give other people a chance
(not that i don't love it)


i give you a 200/5 b/c the rocket broke the impossible.
i love ur (hold left ) DDA


pretty good.... ok, good. well... actually.... it just might be THE BEST FRIGIN LVL EVER! 5/5!




i read through the comments and coldcut said he just said he liked some other "kids" dda but maybe coldcut would like to know that nevermore is 13 haha (and im 12!)

nice work

great map nevermore musta' taken a while to make.good job.


still i cant beleive it. this map is sooooooooo good i punched myself in my face.



I saw this in the user levels of N and I was floored. Obvious rating given.




formica. your not the one who i told made my favorite dda. i told tim that with one of his dda's. thats my 2nd favorite. it might not be the 2nd best or hardest to make, but i just liked it alot. and this blew tims dda away. this dda cant be topped in my opinion. formica your rocket level is my 3rd favorite


they, my friend, are different styles. Praising one above the other is unfair.

They are both keep- the- rocket alive DDAs, but different styles of KTRADDAS (in my humble opinion.)

And, peoples, I most definately did not rate this map down- I swear. I would admit it if I did, even if it was in self- rightous way.

And coldcut- I have a feeling I may be a bit older than you. Definately not a kid. By the way, why do you find it necessary to take back a compliment you paid me? Can't you regard both nevermore AND I as accomplished rocket DDA creators?

And, finally, nevermore- once again, you rock. This is beyond fantastic.


... Arachnid, I know you deleted my account, but I can still use it on my laptop..... bizzare...

oh yeah, this was a 5/5 from me. On this account- I don't think I rated it on my Llama one... oh, this is confusing? How come my llama account only works on my laptop, and only this one works on this computer? This is strange...


going to jump to my defence? I DID, after all, make the.... errrrrr...... thing....

Actually, isn't anyone going to leap to ATRAMENTIS's defence? Wasn't he the actual creator of this theme? (correct me if I'm wrong...)


Five ninjas!
I'm a big fan of this new Rocket DDA theme, and I really don't see how anyone could top this


woot woot