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Author Psycho_CO
Tags author:psycho_co bitesized playable race rated
Created 2007-01-05
by 18 people.
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Description one of my best, i think

im going to try and make more races now, since that is what i like to make the most.

and thanks to those who voted for my race in the dronies.

have fun!

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happens too much

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And it looks fun. Some no-enemy spots, but thats alright.


Keep Dieing Here

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Luv it



The chaingun kills you if you go too fast. The map still has many redeeming qualities though.
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the best from you. one of the best races period.
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This thing has an infinite amount of flow. I had absoulutely no Idea what I was doing, and yet I did it all the way. I could just tell where I was going. THis is a truly amazing map.


i lost the flow.

i don't like the fact that you have to start with caps lock on, but i can't really rate you down for that. the chain gun shot me quite afew times when i was following the flow. 4.5/5
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This is the best youve ever made. Good stuff man.