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Author littleviking001
Tags action author:littleviking001 bitesized featured playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-08-05
by 46 people.
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Description Pointless story that I felt like writing. Has absolutely no bearing on the level \/

The UNE/TTA coalition has taken you prisoner. A rebel. A "ninja". Now, you lie trapped in a place where the Sun is too far and dim to reveal the many indiscretions of these tyrants. Whose idea was it to colonize the moons of Jupiter? No matter, the eclipse is nearly upon you. A veil of complete darkness under which you must enact your escape, quick and complete, or else leave no life in you for them to take. (for the most realism, play with your eyes closed : ] )

...If you're still reading, get to playing already!

This map was featured on 2010-05-25

A long time ago before the advent of Nreality, before the ultra-refined sensibilities of modern mapping, and before the art-wank pretensions of our avant garde forerunners, gameplay was the ruling marker for quality.

And while I'll always be a supporter of the 'atmosphere enhances play' philosophy, aesthetic refinement in the place of satisfying action is something that should always be avoided.

LV's Coalition is certainly rough in terms of today's stylistic standards, but it remains a master class on how to effect 'ninja' with 'feeling'. — astheoceansblue

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episode level is this?
since it speaks the truth. I prefer pure gameplay over decent gameplay with great atmosphere any day.

What? Mount Doom was an unbelievable map. The only reason I would be against featuring it off hand is that most of the community probably hasn't beaten the Eighties column, so it's a sort of spoiler.

I remember this

and love it.


You can feature what ever the hell you want as long as you don't do it to take the piss.
that we should feature so of the old classics that newer users wouldn't know about.

and yes,

I realise that it won Action Map of the Year. I suppose I should add an "IMO" at the end of that. :/

Honestly, ska

I'd not feature MTI not because of it's exposure, ubt because it's rather horrid. :S

In regards to that question, I think we should actually get onto featuring some of the more known things. I know a lot of the newer members have no idea what Afternoon is, since they never had top rated, and thus didn't find it.

In fact, on a map with 200 ratings, you'll find a few comments asking "is this the most rated map on NUMA now?".

I am very much considering writing a review for it, and Route 666.
well to be honest, i hope this doesn't set a precedent. Does that mean we can now feature MTI and Mount Doom, etc.?
but i was definitely not around in 2004.

I remember how much trouble that upper-right gate key used to give me. I should probably try to keep that in mind. Demo where I actually do play with my eyes closed at LV's suggestion:
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If anyone says this has received too much previous attention I will hit them.


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Classy stuff.


Run of the Mill

Demo Data
I only played through most of them once, with the exception of a few maps (like this one! :D)


That was a very fitting and eloquent feature. The map was old-school fun like maxson said.
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I like this review.


it was in the original userlevels that we all played to death. Great map choice, and I do agree with the review
it's one of my favorite old-school maps.


Maximo and LV's exchange at the bottom is rather sweet.

This is really fun; was it one of the original userlevels? I seem to recall playing it before. Anyway, agd:
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Meta could probably destroy this run.
NUMA has been down lately for me as well.
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NUMA was down every time I tried to post it this afternoon.


Although this is late.
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i like this map

i used a nice little thwump jump in the middle ;)
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Lovely stuff.

All gold demo. I really like this map. It's easy, but the jumps and different areas are all great fun to get around.
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In version 1.4, you need your own special set of levels. They're just a blast to play.
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Almost too easy

But very enjoyable all the same. I wish there was a bit more hazard in some places.

Rock On!

Excellent! Another masterpiece!

can't wait

I'm interested in what you can do with them. Most of the time they come out impossible. You should try High FLying by me. Its one of my older maps, but it has laser drones that aren't hard if you use the safe spots on the map (hint: sides and top)


Yeah, I considered making the top room easier to get to, but there are 12 gold pieces in there! That's 24 extra seconds in the game.

Don't worry about the laser drones. If I can't make it fun, you won't see it here. I'm still in an easy-but-not-mindless mood, so they won't be constantly killing you and could prove quite interesting.
I did it with all the gold, and might I add, the design to reach the top room is brilliant. I is perfectly spaced out to be just close enough to do.

And laser drones sound... *fun*
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Hey thanks. I'm glad you liked it. But now I've got to find a way to make an even better map. Nothing is written in stone, but I'm thinking... laser drones?


that was better than AI man, what a fun fun level. I loved it. Very stylish looking too. That last room of death.... NEVER GOT ME! what fun. I love your levels man
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