"Long Distance Call"

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped jumper-puzzle medium playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-01-08
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description I'm slowing down. Jig helped.. Enjoy.

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are one-ways unprofessional?

Good jumper

but it had it's flaws...the whole one-way thing is a little unprofessional and you can cheat and to get to the exit...
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nice map

but u missed a oneway on the top right. so a 2/5 for missing that :-). 4.5aved


happy 75300 map numa?

All gold demo

This is really fun. I love some of the difficult aspects of the map. 4.5/5
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Keep those maps rolling in.


Not completion, or all gold, but it gets the idea..
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im speechless
no, wait, ill show you