Must Love Thwumps

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Author AsTimeFliesBy
Tags author:astimefliesby playable race rated
Created 2007-01-08
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Thwump race using FGP (funky gold placement) inspired by dejablue. In case you're too dumb to notice, the border tiles represent the gold placement.
For the Changing Enemies comp:
All gold flow demo included.

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very difficult to find and keep the flow going, but it is there. but the use of thwumps was awesome, you should make more of these.
never woulda happened if you hadn't posted that cheap demo of yours :/
I hate it when there are many long pointless comments 'cause I usually like reading all the comments.

I know.

I just felt like posting it anyway.
What's wrong with that?

It's a race

I almost want to delete this for that spam-corrupt flow-fbf demo

Kinda fast demo

Demo Data
your demo does well, however.
Demo Data

Not bad

But the route can be hard to remember. 3.5/5

All gold flow demo

Try and beat it.
Demo Data