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Author traction
Tags action author:traction playable rated
Created 2007-01-09
by 5 people.
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Description This is a KRA similar to that one that started them all. but with a twist.

For the Monday Night Numa Map League.

Week #002, Theme: Symmetry

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It's obviously not a KRA


no kidding exuberance. that was said in the first comment.


i felt it was a little awkward. but i didn't have time to work on that last night.
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Last demo for now.

Faster :P
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First try.


Personally, I think speed demos are funner to go for than AGDs... just me? Maybe so...
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Tileset is awkward

And KRA is difficult. 4/5

Here's a real demo.

Slow, though.
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ok ok.

but isnt it more fun to try and keep it alive? not much can be done about that, with these tiles. now someone make a kraagd for me.


Here's why.
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