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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore bitesized playable race rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-24
by 94 people.
Map Data

Description Another race level from me. I had forgotten how fun asymmetrical levels are. This one starts as a rocket/gauss level, and then becomes just a race against time. Every starting point works, and you can go in either direction. All gold shouldn't prove to be too hard -- if you get all of it around the loop you're probably home free. So go fast and have fun.

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Slow agd.

Well made map.
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really cool level

i like how its a mix of race and action. nice job on getting into the official userlevels section on n, too. 5/5


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and fasterer

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All gold, under 1000 frames. 191.125
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Nice 4.5/5

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Oh Yeah Fastest AGD

thats 190.5 in userlevels... good map btw. 4.5/5
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My demo is not anything special. I do like this level a lot.
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I eventualy beat it on my 12th try. Good.

This is

a true classic.


great level

all gold...even though lots of people have already posted demos
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greatr map

outr of all of them, i liked this one the best.
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i found a glitch

the one rocket doesn't even fire
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Im not sure

If I went the right way...
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good ol fun

I really like how you can start from anywhere, it's so cool.
Your my fav N auther.

I like how you caught the Gorillaz qoute in one of my levels.


awesome level, nevermore.
do I suck? (see demo)
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I actually pushed this to a 4.5, with 64 ratings!

you have

the highest rated 4 map in NUMA!


no doubt

very fun map

however I was confused about the flow at the end, but that's probably just cuz i stink, lol. Great map!
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Fun map

Kind of short, not much flow and fairly easy, but still quite fun.

All-gold demo:
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Wow i suck

Nice map though. 4.5
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aLL GoLd DeMo

W o W! A w e s o m e l e v e l! {4.5}
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i am good

each of us has their own way...
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No matter how many maps I play, I still keep coming back to this one. the fastest ive ever done is 188.95, i dunno if thats good but it was for me. well heres a pretty fast demo.
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I'm fairly picky when it comes to rating N levels, and this level is one of the few I like! Fast, full of action...even though it's a tad easy, I rate it a 5! Gj!
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How do you submit the demo from user levels? It says wrong format or something. And how do you count frames? I had 186 seconds left when I finished the level, but I don't know the frame speed.


oh wow, i can't believe i haven't rated this yet.
an amazing level. extremely fun. an asset to my User Levels.
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Pretty much allgold.
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Hella easy, but that's no bad thing. The sense of danger was present most of the time. Good one. Do some more asymmetric levels! A low 5/5 from me.


how do you count frames?
Demo Data
and the gold placement looked very plue-esque (which isn't a knock, just an observation). Really great flow, just fantastic all around.
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really fun...

here is my demo...
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My original route was 50-100 frames slower. Oh well, I equalled Echarin.
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Couldn't have done it without ya, timmy.
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o well
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timmy power, amazing demo, i like this level more now

the best route

that ive found anyway....
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