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another all gold

very cool map nevermore.
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1000 frames

Exactly 1000 frames.

Great level, nevermore. Great for competitive speed running.
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all gold

I think i recorded the demo properly there its all gold.
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even if im not making maps anymore doesnt mean i cant rate them...

Very nice map.I like the design.4/5

And another...

Actually, I hadn't seen MATH's demo, but it turns out they were pretty similar.

Come on guys, let's see your all golds.
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that looked quite fluid to me!
In theory, basically every run for this level should be fluid. Here's another run possiblity.
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Nice Map

I like this a lot. Very nice. I even managed to complete it!
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run by myself, but I'll look at coldcut's demo.
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I like this level length. I tend to make really long levels, so this was a nice break from those.


cept that last part. fun level but short i felt
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