My first DDA

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Author jojo_der_harte_123
Tags author:jojo_der_harte_123 dda unrated
Created 2007-01-10
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Description My fiRst DDA !!! Please vote!

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it's funny how it works sometimes and sometimes doesn't. That isn't a compliment though. I personally suck at making DDA's, but from the basics I know, they should have a lot more speed and close-to-death situations, or otherwise just something cooler than tons of launchpads.

Practise some more, but don't get depressed (like this game could killdepress someone.)

One word for you.

You can't submit ANYTHING here, if you don't even playtest it.
You can't assume that everything works if you don't.
Good luck in the future, don't take this as a flame, but constructive criticism.

he dies

near the beginning