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Author IlkkaR
Tags author:ilkkar playable survival unrated
Created 2007-01-11
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Map Data

Description Same as Choose Your Survival, but with a 4 changes.

1: You must choose at least one enemy, with exeption of mines and ordinary zap drones. (You can avoid them easily forewer)

2: Gauss turrets cannot fire at you anymore if you haven´t chosen them.

3: The trapdoor at the beginning wont push you anymore

4: You can´t hide from the gauss turrets anymore.

Hardest enemies (I think) are: mines and the chaingun drone
(I personally hate homing missile turrets :)

Please rate and comment.
And I would like to see some good demos!

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But I think it could have been done better... The gold is to clustered and looks ugly aswell. 3.5/5